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If it isn’t clear, I started building this site and lost the energy to document it all.

UPDATE: over 1 year later and after numerous follow-ups Woodside said they would either replace the carpet or give me $500 for it. $500 was all they were offering me when it would cost them $2,000 or so to replace? (It was over $1,000 square feet of carpet that would need to be replaced. I’m no expert at carpet installation but I assume it would be at least $2,000 cost to them even if they do get discounts.) I complained and reminded them of the other ways they had screwed me out of money and told them if they weren’t serious about compensating me then they could just replace the carpet and it would cost them more then the $500 they offered….I’d hoped they would give me at least $1,000. Did they? No. But they offered $900 and I took it. I can use it towards replacement carpet of my own choosing instead of the builder-grade carpet they installed.